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How to Write a Formal Letter (with Samples)?

Feb 18,21

Formal letters, as the name suggests are written in formal or official situations. For example, writing a letter to the manager, college Principal, admissions office, banks, teachers, school etc. Formal letters are written in a specific format and a conventional language. GoAssignmentHelp’s expert writers have drafted some of the best tips for writing formal letters and examples that will make your formal letters phenomenal.

Tips to write a formal letter

  • The tone of the letter 

The letter is to be written in a professional tone. We cannot use everyday language or slang in a formal letter. One has to sound respectful and polite, even if you are making a complaint. Our formal letter sample given below will help you understand which tone is appropriate.

  • Be concise 

Formal letters should be to the point. They should not include anything out of the context of the letter. Generally, there are three small paragraphs in the letter. The first one is the introduction where you have to provide the reason why you are writing the letter. Then, in the next paragraph, you provide a complete explanation of writing the letter. At last, you conclude the letter with an action that should be taken by the receiver.

  • Double-check mistakes 

You must proofread your letter thoroughly before sending it to the concerned person. Make sure there are no grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. You must shorten or simplify complex sentences. Look for casual vocabulary. Words like ‘nice’, ‘good’ etc should be avoided.

  • Use proper format 

Ensure that you have written the recipient’s address, sender’s address, salutation, date and have signed the letter before sending it to the concerned person. The letter must be indented properly. There should be equal spacing between the paragraphs. GoAssignmentHelp can provide you with free formal letter templates that will help you understand the format of a formal letter in different situations.

Formal letter examples

Opening the formal letter:

  • You can use any of the following phrases in the opening of the formal letter:
  • Dear Sir/Madam or To Whomsoever It May Concern if you do not know the name of the person to whom you are writing the letter
  • Dear Mr/Mrs/Miss if you know the name of the person to whom you are writing the letter

Beginning the letter:

  • I am writing this letter to inform you about…
  • I am writing to inquire about…
  • I am writing to express my concerns about…
  • In response to your letter of October 10, 2020, I am writing this letter to…


  • Could you please……….
  • Could you possibly……….
  • I would be grateful if you……….
  • I would be highly glad if you……….
  • Would it be possible to……….
  • I wonder if you could……….
  • Would you be kind enough to……….
  •  would you mind doing……….

Seeking Help: 

  • I would appreciate it if you could……….
  • I would be grateful if you could……….
  • Could you please……….
  • I was wondering if you could help me………. (informal)
  • I would like you to……….


  • I feel something should be done about……….
  • I must complain about……….
  • I can not resist myself to inform you that……….
  • I am very much unhappy with……….
  • I want you to know that……….
  • I’m writing to express my dissatisfaction about/with……….
  • I’m writing to express my annoyance with……….
  • I am not happy about/because……….
  •  ……….was very disappointing.
  • ………. was utterly disappointing.

Asking for Information: 

  • I would like to know about/if………..
  • I am writing to inquire about………..
  • I am writing to find out about………..
  • What I am looking for is………..
  • I would like you to inform me………..
  • I would appreciate it if you could provide me………..

Expecting a reply from someone: 

  •  I am looking forward to hearing from you …….
  •  I am waiting to hear from you soon………..
  •  I look forward to hearing from you soon…………
  •  I am expecting to hear from you soon………..
  •  I am eagerly waiting for your response…………

Closing the Letter:

  • I look forward to hearing from you.
  • I look forward to seeing you.
  • I look forward to meeting you.
  • I look forward to getting a reply from you soon.
  • I really look forward to your cooperation in this

Signing Off:

  • Official Letter: Yours sincerely, Yours faithfully, Yours obedient.
  • Business Letter: Yours sincerely, Yours faithfully.

Formal letter sample:

Dear Mr Smith, 

I would like to thank you for hosting an all-day event for XYZ Technologies on September 20, 2020. I and all my team are genuinely impressed by your hospitality. All the participants of the event gave extremely positive feedback to me regarding the hospitality of your staff, seating arrangements, sound system and the whole ambience of your hotel. I would also like to thank your staff as they ensured that there were no technical glitches during the presentation. 

However, I would like to address a matter of concern about food. Several employees of our company complained that the vegetables were not properly cooked. Moreover, the curry was stale and tasted bad. There was no salad on the menu even when I asked to include it. 

We have been organising our meetings in your hotel for the past one year and we have never faced such issues. Therefore, I would like you to check with your kitchen staff and find the cause of the problem. It would be beneficial if you hire trained chefs for such important events as it is not only a matter of your reputation but ours too and we would not like to break our ties with your hotel because of one bad event. 

I hope you will consider my suggestions and provide top-notch service in our next event. 

Best Regards 

John Mills 

In the above letter, notice how politely the writer has expressed his concerns regarding the bad food served at the hotel. The letter is divided into clear paragraphs each having its purpose. 

Need help in writing a formal letter?

Just consult GoAssignmentHelp and our expert team of writers will help you create the most compelling, accurate and correct formal letters. We have been helping students for more than ten years in various academic writing tasks like essays, term papers, dissertations and research papers. Check out our free letter writing templates right now.

February 18, 2021

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