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Types Of Expository Essays

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Types of Expository Essays & Examples

Have you ever read an essay that was so informative and so interesting that you never forgot it? This is the kind of Expository Essay you should aim to write. Expository Essays should be able to help readers understand any given topic quite well.

There are many different types of Expository Essays you can write. The most common types of Expository Essays students are required to write are:

1. Cause and Effect Essays:

Such essays delve into the reasons that cause something and then, discuss its results or effects. They are the most popular types of academic essays. Types of Expository essay writing examples that come under this category are:

  • Discuss the causes of deterioration of the Murray-Darling Basin and its effects on the USA economy. Covers both ‘causes’ and ‘effects’
  • 5 Main Causes of Dementia (Delves only into the ‘causes’)
  • Why oil spills are a serious threat to the marine environment? (Discuses only the ‘effects’)

2. Problem and Solution Essays:

Problem-solution essays are a popular type for short essays and subject exams. They consider all the problems related to a particular situation or topic and suggest solutions to those problems. It usually has four components – Situation, Problem, Solution, and Evaluation.

The ‘Situation’ is often stated in the essay prompt and you may touch upon it in the ‘Introduction’. ‘Evaluation’ can be a part of the ‘Conclusion’ of your Expository Essay or may be omitted altogether in shorter essays.

Types of Expository essay writing examples that come under this category might include situations like:

  • Junk food is causing lifestyle diseases. How to avoid it?

Bullying in schools should be stopped immediately. Discuss.

Refugees should be accepted with restrictions. Is it necessary?

3. Classification Essays:

In Classification essays, we sort out things into different categories based on pre-defined criteria for each category. Each category in which we put things should have features unique to it and ideally, should not overlap with other categories.

Such essays can be very useful when we are trying to study the unique features of a certain set of things in a specialized subject area.

4. Comparison or Contrast Essays:

Compare-and-contrast essays are often assigned to students to gauge their understanding of a subject. It is possible that in shorter essays, you might be required to discuss just similarities or differences between the two topics.

5. Definition Essays:

Definition essays seem simple but they are not. They have to be thorough and are often quite lengthy. When you choose to ‘define’ a word, be sure to choose something on which you can get lots of information easily.

To add depth to your definition essay, you can discuss the word’s history and origins, and add your perspective to it. Words that are disputable or controversial are good for writing definition essays.

6. Process Essays:

Process essays are the types of Expository writing pieces that cover how to do something or how things work.

Types of Expository Writing Structure you may use

Both Problem & Solution Expository Essays and Cause & Effect Expository Essays can be structured in two ways:

  • Block Structure, and
  • Chain Structure

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Types of Expository Writing Structure you may use

Both Problem & Solution Expository Essays and Cause & Effect Expository Essays can be structured in two ways:

  • Block Structure, and
  • Chain Structure

Block Structure

Block structure of writing Expository Essays have more clarity and are preferred for shorter essays.

It looks something like this:

Chain Structure

Chain structure of writing Expository Essays are preferable for longer essays as it keeps relating a cause directly to its effects throughout the essay – and hence, is easier to understand.

It looks something like this:

Compare and Contrast Expository Essays employ the ‘block’ structure mentioned above as well as ‘point-by-point’ structure. The point-by-point structure is quite straightforward and good for Classification Essays too.

It looks like this:

Point-by-Point Essay Writing Structure

In Classification Essays, it is important to include examples for each category you define.

Expository Essay Examples (and different types of expository essays)

The best-rated Expository Essays have an in-depth analysis of the topic, clever and creative use of language, and impeccable grammar. GoAssignmentHelp experts can help you come up with interesting expository essay topics related to your assignment.

Suppose you have to write something on Digital Cameras. First, you need to decide what information you would like to include in your essay.

You must include the definition of the 'Digital Camera', its major characteristics, and its advantages over the cameras used earlier. You might also want to include information on how one can choose the best digital camera for himself or herself.

Check out some of the well-written Expository Essay Examples here.

How does GoAssignmentHelp help students in writing different types of Expository Essays Examples?

Each type of Expository Essay requires special treatment and approach. Subject experts on the panel of GoAssignmentHelp have not only profound and exhaustive knowledge of the field but also good command over their language skills. The assignments they (will help you with will be ready to submit to your teachers after a stringent ‘Quality Checking’ (QC) process to make sure that they are of the highest quality. Try us once to know why we are the favorites of the USA student community!

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