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Harvard Referencing

Looking for a reference list as per Harvard style? This reference generator Harvard is the appropriate option for you.

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Harvard Reference Generators

Are you worried about citing the sources in your academic write-up? Do you know how to do a Harvard referencing? Are you confused about whether you have created the references correctly or not? Well, there might be a vicious cycle of questions in your mind right now. But, in the next five minutes, all your worries about Harvard reference are going to end!

All thanks to GoAssignmentHelp's Harvard referencing Generator! Now you might be thinking what is that. Well, it is a software tool generated by our supremely talented team. This tool can create correct citations and references as per Harvard format based on the inputs provided. This means all you need is the information about the resource and you will have the reference generated for you. This includes in-text and reference list citations both.

Isn't that great? Now you can save yourself from the tedious tasks of creating the references. You can find correct references as per Harvard Format in just a few minutes with GoAssignmentHelp's Harvard generators.

Here's more information about the Harvard referencing style and our Online Harvard Generator.

What is Harvard Referencing?

Harvard is a referencing format that is commonly recommended in Australian schools and universities. Just like APA, MLA and Chicago, Harvard also follows a separate style. There are certain formatting rules that one needs to follow while using Harvard referencing. The Harvard referencing style is generally used in the field of natural sciences, behavioural sciences and social sciences.

Why is there a need to reference your work?

REFERENCING SAVES YOUR WRITING FROM PLAGIARISM! Using someone's ideas in your writing is not at all an issue. But you must provide a reference wherever you are including them. Then your work will not be counted as plagiarized.

REFERENCING IS A GREAT WAY TO ACKNOWLEDGE THE WRITERS. When you include a reference in your paper, you are in a way giving credit to the original writer. This is a great gesture of acknowledging their work!

REFERENCING DEPICTS YOUR EFFORTS. Suppose you had gone through ten journals to write an essay. You included authentic, relevant and mind-blowing information in the essay. But how can one know you have done such strong research? Well, it is your reference list that speaks.

How can you make your writing plagiarism-free?

We know you want to know the trick. So here are three quick tips!

Read as much as you can. The more you read the better you will be able to understand the topic and the better you will write about it. Do not forget to keep a list of all your readings.

Be a good paraphraser. You must know the art of changing words to convey the same meaning. If you cannot do so, GoAssignmentHelp provides impeccable paraphrasing services in all subjects.

Organize your research. Save the information you find helpful for your write-up. Takedown the author name, link where you found that information, book name, publisher name, location and all information you can gather about the source.

IMAGINE! How beneficial it would be to use a Harvard Reference Generator. Send us a message to get your reference list.

A Quick Guide To Harvard Bibliography

Want to know how to do citations in Harvard format? Get ready! It is time that you get familiar with the rules of citing sources as per the Harvard format. These are just some basic rules that one should keep in mind. GoAssignmentHelp's Harvard Bibliography Generator always adheres to them.

  • The Harvard Referencing is done in two ways - in-text citations and reference list.
  • While citing the sources, the author's name is always mentioned as Surname, Initial(s) of First Name.
  • The Title is mostly represented in Italics format. For instance, while citing a book as per Harvard, the title of the book is Italicised.
  • The title is always mentioned in single inverted commas.

Formatting Criteria 

General Instruction


Cover Page

- Title in Capital Letters (halfway down the page)

- Student name (three lines below title)

- Class (four lines below the student name)

- Professor name (in the consecutive line)

- Name of school/university (in the consecutive line)

- Date (in the consecutive line)

The cover page is the first page of the write-up. A special format needs to be followed.


1 inch from all sides

For the entire paper


Double spacing in between the lines

For the entire paper

Font Type 

Arial or Times New Roman

For the entire paper

Font Size 


For the entire paper


Includes student's last name followed by the page number

Headers are included at the top of every page

Text Alignment 

Left Aligned

For the entire paper

Harvard Generator With Examples

Let us first begin with in-text citations in Harvard format. They are short, simple and easy to handle. The in-text citations in Harvard are also called parenthetical Citations. This is because the in-text citations are represented within parentheses.

In the in-text citations, you need to mention the Last Name of the Author(s) and the Year of publication. If required, you may also include the page range. You need to include the in-text citation after the sentence where you have included information from other sources. Even if you have paraphrased the sentence, you must cite the source.

Here are some quick in-text Harvard citation examples"¦

Example 1: "One must understand how important one's mental health is (Smith, 2017)." 

Example 2: "Smith has stated that the ancient people followed a simple living, therefore, experienced a greater sense of happiness (2018)."

Example 3: "People today are busy seeking validation from others and often ignore their values (Smith, Jack, 2011)." 

Our Best Experts

Harvard Referencing

Got an idea of how to use in-text citations using the Harvard format? So here are some good Harvard format examples for creating a reference list. This will help you understand how GoAssignmentHelp's Harvard citation generator will create references.

Citation Source

Harvard Citation Format

Harvard Reference List Example

How to cite a BLOG in Harvard referencing style?

Author of message. (Year that the site was published/last updated) "˜Title of message', Title of the internet site, Day/month of the posted message. Available at: URL (Accessed: date).

Wright, A. (2001) "˜Best Response Essay Topics For Students', GoAssignmentHelp, 19 March. Available at: https://www.goassignmenthelp.com/au/blog/response-essay-topics/ (Accessed: 20 - Mar - 2018).

How to cite a Book in Harvard referencing style?

Author's surname, and initial(s) Year of publication, Title of publication, Edition (Abbreviated as 'edn'), Publisher, Place of Publication.

Brown, K 2012, The Four Hour Work Week System, Pink Books Publisher, United States.

How to Cite a BOOK CHAPTER in Harvard referencing style?

Author of the chapter/section. (Year of publication). "˜Title of chapter/section' in Author/Editor of book Title of book. Place of publication: publisher, page reference.

Brown, M.K. (1990). "˜How To Manage Your Work Schedule', in Josh, S (ed.) The Four Hour Work Week System. Melbourne: Pink Books Limited, pp. 22-45.

How to cite a DISSERTATION in Harvard referencing style?

Author's surname, and initial(s) Year, "˜Title of Dissertation', Level of Dissertation, University City.

Brown, M.K. 2012, "˜The Role of Chatbots in Social Media', Doctoral Dissertation, RMIT, Melbourne.

How to cite an E-BOOK in Harvard referencing style?

Author's surname, and initial(s), Date of publication, Title of the e-book, Publisher, Format (e-book), Accessed: day month year (the date of viewing), <URL or Internet address>.

Jones, J, 2009, The Clear Truth, Pink Book Publishers, E-book, Accessed 12 May 2010, <http://www.googlebooks.edu/books/223/html/index.html>.

Citing Ebook from an EReader

Author's surname, and initial(s) Year (date of Kindle edition), Title, E-Book version (Kindle Edition / Adobe Digital Editions version), Accessed day month year (the date you first accessed the e-book), DOI (digital object identifier) or from where you downloaded the e-book.

Brown. J.K 2009, The Science Behind Assignment Writing, Kindle Edition, Accessed 9 Nov 2011.

How to cite an E-JOURNAL in Harvard referencing style?

Author's surname, and initial(s), "˜Title of the article, Title of the journal, Volume number, Issue number, Accessed day month year (the date of viewing the article), <URL or Internet address>.

Jones, K, "˜Cognitive Development in Elementary Students', Journal of Humanities and Social Studies, no. 12, accessed 14 Jul 2018, <http://www.journalofhumanities.org/archive/issue-July/index-html>.

How to cite a GOVERNMENT PUBLICATION (print) in Harvard referencing style?

Name of government department or committee (Year of publication), Title, Place of publication. Publisher, (Series or paper number). 

The Victoria Publication Group (2001), How Small Firms can Prosper in the Australian Market, Victoria, The Rising Book Publishers. 

How to cite a JOURNAL (print) in Harvard referencing style? 

Author's surname, and initial(s), Year of publication, "˜Title of an article, Title of the journal, Volume number (vol.), Issue number (no.), Page range, DOI.

Michelle, G 2018, "˜The Harvard Referencing Format and Its Use', Melbourne Journal of Academic Writing, vol. 22, no. 8, pp. 360-450.

How to cite a MAGAZINE in Harvard referencing style?

Author's surname, and initial(s), 'Article title', Journal Title, Volume, Issue or Number, Page Range.

George, K 2007, "˜An Important Note to Utilizing Your Free Time in College', The Sun Herald Students Magazine, vol. 19, pp. 25-50.

How to cite a NEWSPAPER in Harvard referencing style?

Author's surname, and initial(s)/ Byline (Year of publication), "˜Title of article, Title of newspaper, (Edition), Day and Month, Page reference

Smith, J (2001), "˜How to Win ATAR Scores - The Toppers Speak', The Morning Times, 14 April, p. 5 

How to cite a WEBSITE in the Harvard referencing style?

Author's surname, and initial(s) Year, Title, Publisher, Date viewed, <Web address>.

Smith, J 2008, How ATAR Scores Affect Your Career, 12 May 2008, <http://HeraldSun.org/how-ATAR-affects-career/1235yhgf6/>. 

Why Use GoAssignmentHelp's, Harvard Reference Generator?

CITE EVERY SOURCE. Whether it be websites, blogs, e-books, journals, magazines or even a podcast, GoAssignmentHelp's Harvard Citation Generator can create references for every source.

QUICK REFERENCE LIST! This tool works in seconds and produces correct results. This means you won't have to wait much to get your reference list.

PLAGIARISM CHANCES ARE ZERO! This tool will help you create and organize your references. This means all your sources will be cited and hence there will be no chance of plagiarism in your writing.

THE RIGHT FORMAT FOR YOU. GoAssignmentHelp is a powerful Harvard citation website. We have incorporated the latest Harvard reference format in the tool. This means zero errors, only correct references!

5 Promises of GoAssignmentHelp's Harvard Reference Generators

BEST EDITORS TO GUARD YOUR REFERENCE LIST. The reference list creation is handled by the editing team. This includes experienced Australian writers who are well-versed with the Harvard Citation Format.

THE POWER OF MANUAL AND TECHNOLOGICAL REFERENCING. Our editing team cross-checks every reference generated by our tool. This doubly ensures the correctness of the references. If you have any kind of queries regarding the Harvard referencing format, our team is here to answer them as well.

24/7 HELP IN HARVARD CITATIONS. Do not hesitate what time it is. Just make a click, send us a message and find adequate help in referencing at the right time. Our Harvard reference generator is working round the clock!

POCKET-FRIENDLY RATES. This is not a random tool. It ensures correct results as per the referencing format you chose. You won't find the features that this tool provides in those "˜free Harvard reference generators'. Hence, we charge a small price.

HARVARD REFERENCE GENERATOR FOR EVERY STUDENT IN AUSTRALIA. GoAssignmentHelp's Harvard citation generator is accessible in Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, Darwin, Melbourne, Brisbane and all across Australia. So no matter where you are, you can find a Harvard reference list super quick!
Time is precious. Use it wisely! GoAssignmentHelp'sHarvard citation generator tool is an easy way to get those citations right! Let yourself focus on other important tasks and let GoAssignmentHelp be in charge of creating your reference list. A correct reference list brings clarity, correctness, authenticity, authority and of course good grades to your work. So why delay? Use the Harvard Reference Generator Tool today!

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