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APA Citation & Reference Generator in Aust

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APA Citation in Australia

Facing issues in APA referencing? Don't know how to cite a blog post in APA referencing style? Confused if you have used the right format for APA referencing or not? GoAssignmentHelp has all the solutions!

GoAssignmentHelp's unique APA Citation Generator tool can help you get all your references into one place. We also have the best academic writers who understand APA referencing in Australia. Hence, GoAssignmentHelp ensures that all your references are correct and completely formatted. So let's start our APA referencing guide and make you meet the incredible APA reference generator!

Do you know why you need to reference your work?

Well, there can be four major reasons! First and most important of all is PLAGIARISM. No one wants to get their work rejected because they included a quote in their essay but did not reference it, right?

The second reason is to give CREDIT to the original writer from whom you have borrowed the idea(s). It is a courteous move!

The third reason is to AUTHENTICATE your research. Once your readers will have a look at the number and quality of sources that you have gone through, they are likely to get impressed by your hard work.

Lastly, you are offering DETAILS to your readers. They can go through those references and gain complete knowledge about the topic. Wow! That's incredible.

So, what is APA?

APA or American Psychological Association is an organization that has created the APA citation style. Generally, academic papers in the field of social sciences, behavioural science and psychology are formatted in APA style. This means there is a proper format of using APA citation. You might have got the details from your school or university. If not, don't worry academic writers at GoAssignmentHelp hold complete knowledge about the APA format.

APA Citation Examples

Wondering how APA referencing is done? Here are a few APA citation examples generated by our APA citation generator tool. 

Citation Source

APA Citation Format

APA Citation Example

How to cite a BLOG in APA referencing style?

Author, F.M. (Year, Month, Date of post). Title of the blog post. URL

Brown, M. 20 March 2018. Best Response Essay Topics For Students. https://www.goassignmenthelp.com/au/blog/response-essay-topics/ 

How to cite a Book in APA referencing style?

Author, F. M. (Year of publication). Book title: Subtitles. City, State: Publisher.

Brown, M. (2012). The Four Hour Work Week System. United States. Pink Books. 

How to Cite a BOOK CHAPTER in APA referencing style?

Author, F. M. (Year of publication). Title of chapter. In F. M. Editor (Ed.), Title

of book (pp. xx-xx). Location: Publisher.

Brown, M. (2012). How To Manage Your Work Schedule. In Smith K. (Ed.), The Four Hour Work Week System (pp. 25-45). United States. Pink Books.

How to cite a DISSERTATION in APA referencing style?

Author, F. M. (Publication year). Title of dissertation/thesis (Doctoral dissertation

or Master's thesis). Retrieved from Name of database. (Accession or

Order No.)

Brown, M. (2012). Relationship Between Cognitive and Personal Development (Doctoral Dissertation). Retrieved from Adelaide International Thesis Database (Accession No. 12488230)

How to cite an E-BOOK in APA referencing style?

Author, F.M. (Year of Publication). Title of work. Retrieved from http://xxxxx or DOI:xxxxx

Brown, J.(2018). "A Christmas Carol." The New Year Book. Retrieved from: http://mydrive.co/

Citing Ebook from an EReader

Author, F.M. (Year of Publication). Title of Work [E-reader Version]. Retrieved from http://xxxxx or doi:xxxxx

Brown, J.(2018). "A Christmas Carol." The New Year Book [Kindle ed]. Retrieved from: http://mydrive.co/

How to cite an E-JOURNAL in APA referencing style?

Author, F. M. (Publication year). Article title. Journal title, Volume(Issue), pp.-pp.

doi:xx.xxxxx OR Retrieved from journal URL

Brown, M. (2012). What is Cognitive Development?. Relationship Between Cognitive and Personal Development, 2(1), 145-330. Retrieved from xyz_abc.co.au

How to cite a GOVERNMENT PUBLICATION (print) in APA referencing style?

Government Department (Year published). Document title. Location: Publisher.

Melbourne Department of Childcare and Nursing (2001). The Importance of Childcare in Melbourne. Melbourne: XYW.

How to cite a JOURNAL (print) in APA referencing style?

Author, F. M. (Publication year). Article title. Periodical Title, Volume(Issue),


Brown, K.(2001). Dissertation Format and Research Methodology. Melbourne Journal of Academic Writing 22(2), 66-90.

How to cite a MAGAZINE in APA referencing style?

Author, F. M. (Year, Month of publication). Article title. Magazine

Title, Volume(Issue), pp-pp.

Smith, J. (2007, June). How Students Should Spend Leisure Time. Melbourne Student Book, 44(5), 19-21.

How to cite a NEWSPAPER in APA referencing style?

Author, F. M. (Year, Month date of publication). Article title. Newspaper title,

pp. xx-xx.

Smith, J.(2001, May 13). How ATAR Scores Affect Your Career. Herald Sun, pp.7-9.

How to cite a WEBSITE in the APA referencing style?

Author, F. M. (Year, month date of publication). Article title. Retrieved from URL

Smith, J. (2001, March 14). How ATAR Scores Affect Your Career. Retrieved from: http://HeraldSun.org/how-ATAR-affects-career/1235yhgf6

APA in-text Citation with an Example

Here comes the next crucial feature of the APA citation, the in-text citation. The APA citation examples that you saw above are used in the reference list which is created separately. But, there can be times when you want to cite the sources in-between the sentences. Such a citation is called an in-text or parenthetical citation. 

What is an In-Text Citation or Parenthetical Citation?

Example 1: Jones (2017) conducted a study on ATAR scores received by children of different age groups in Australia.

Example 2: The ATAR scores of a student are not just based on their problem-solving skills. (Jones, 2017).

What do you think? Do these two examples indicate Parenthetical Citation?

Absolutely! Here we have included the information of the source in Parenthesis and the citation is done within the text. This is a very popular and easy way to cite your sources in the APA format.

We need to include the Author name and year of publication in the in-text citations. APA in-text citations can be done in two ways:

First, when you mention the author name within the sentence and provide the year of publication in parentheses just after the author name. (see Example 1)

Secondly, when you mention the name of the author and the year at the end of the sentence in parentheses. (see

Our Best Experts

According to GoAssignmentHelp's academic writers, in-text citations should be used when:

  • you are incorporating a quote from a source in your work
  • you are paraphrasing someone else's work
  • you are referring to a short piece of content from a source

Still can't decide whether to include an in-text citation or a separate reference list? Let GoAssignmentHelp guide you on APA formatting technique. Our APA citation generatorcan do all the estimates and provide you with a complete list of references.

APA Format

Formatting Criteria

General Instruction


APA Title Page

APA title page includes the following:

- Running Head with page number

- Title of the paper

- Name of student

- Name of institution

It is the first page of the paper


One inch margin

Around all the sides of the page

Running Head

Running head includes a short version of the Title of the paper and the page number

Placed at the top right corner


Double Space in lines

For the entire paper

Font Type

Times New Roman

Same font for the entire paper

Font Size


Same size for the entire paper

Author Name

Author's Last Name, First Name initial, Middle Name initial

In-text citation or reference list



Citation Example

1 author

(Author, Year) Or

Author (Year)

(Smith, 2020)

Smith (2020)

2 authors

(Author & Author, Year) Or

Author and Author (Year)

(Smith & Arnold, 2001)

Smith & Arnold (2001)

3+ authors (First Occurance)

First occurrence - (Author 1, Author 2, Author 3, Author 4, & Author 5, Year) Or

First Occurrence - Author 1, Author 2, Author 3, Author 4, and Author 5 (Year)

(Smith, Green, Andrew, Brown, & Jones, 1999)

Smith, Green, Andrew, Brown, & Jones (1999)

Corporate author

(Corporate author, Year) Or

Corporate author (Year)

(Melbourne Welfare Program, 2019)

Melbourne Welfare Program (2019)

No author

(Title, Year) Or

Title (Year)

(Australia Economy and Politics, 1998)

Australia Economy and Politics (1998)

Multiple sources by the same author for the same year

(Author, Year) Or

Author (Year)

Add suffixes after the year as a, b, c, d, e

(Smith, 2001a)

(Smith, 2001b)

APA Citation and Referencing Tool for All Type of Work

Wondering how will you handle these peculiarities of the APA citation format? Well, just keep all your worries aside as GoAssignmentHelp's APA citation generator is here for you! The generator is capable of handling all types of work whether it is a thesis, blog, magazine, journal, or even a Kindle book. 

Sounds convincing? Take a look at these amazing features of GoAssignmentHelp's APA Citation and Reference Generator Service in Australia:

Get your work done on time

Have you been so busy preparing the assignment that you have no time left for preparing the references? Worry not as our tool is capable of creating accurate citations super quickly. 

Find help in APA referencing 24/7

With GoAssignmentHelp you need not worry about the timings. Whether it is a sunny Sunday morning or a gloomy Friday night, do not worry and connect with us anytime. Our teams are working round the clock for you all!

A price you can afford

Our APA citation generator is super accurate and authentic. We would demand a small price for using our citation services and accessing all the amazing benefits that we have to offer. Our prices are the same all across Australia.

Unmatched quality APA citation

We do not just simply rely on our tool because we think manual invention is crucial on such tasks of academic writing. So your reference list is checked by a dedicated academic writer who will ensure that every information entered is 100% correct.

The list of benefits that you will get with GoAssignmentHelp's APA citation generator is huge. We are always there to answer all your queries regarding APA citation. So why are you still resisting? Just avail our citation generator service and let go of all your worries! We can help you with APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard and many other citation techniques.

How APA Citation and Referencing Generators work at GoAssignmentHelp?

Are you READY to get your paper formatted as per APA style? So follow these three steps and delegate this troublesome task to GoAssignmentHelp!

Step #1: Share your paper with us along with the list of information about the sources that you referred to while preparation.

Step #2: Pay our fee and we will assign a dedicated academic writer to you.

Step #3: Our academic writer will create the list using APA reference generator, review it and provide it to you within the deadline!

Phew! Just three steps and your work is done. Citation is an important aspect of an authentic, unique and original academic paper. If you won't consider it seriously, you might have to face severe consequences later.

So take the step and make your academic paper flawless by including the right citation. Check our APA citation generator today!

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