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How is University of Adelaide?

To prepare young leaders in South Australia through quality education, it was devised that a University is established. Out of this innovative thinking, the University of Adelaide was incepted around 143 years back. To exploring newer fields such as modern science, literature, art, and moral philosophy. The vision bore fruition in the year 1882 as the University of Adelaide proudly became the first University to grant degrees in the field of science.

University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide has a rich history of being the first in many ways. One of the most prominent incidences is that it became the first University in Australia and the second in the world to enrol women on academic courses in 1881. It is also the first Australian University that established a Conservatorium for Music, a Chair of Music and a Doctor of Music and again to first grant a music degree to a woman.

The University spread its expansion vision through embracing non-classical subjects that offered degrees in arts, science, law, medicine, mathematics, philosophy, languages and mining engineering. The aim and vision of the University were to be a premium institute to impart the best of educational facilities and to prepare the students for corporate challenges. It also strives to be able to mentor students to have clear career goals going forward.

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Why Choose University of Adelaide?

Being one of the oldest campuses in Australia, the University of Adelaide has meticulously grown from strength to strength by understanding what a student needs while attending college. They have arranged for a variety of facilities on the campus to ensure that the students can avail any assistance while continuing with their studies. The purpose of the college facilities is to ease the stress of the students during their tough phase of submissions, studies, and preparation of examinations.

One of the major facilities provided by the University is the Student Life Counselling Support. The aim is to bail out students who are facing a crisis and address their issues concerning their studies and life. For students with physical disabilities, it can be a challenge to perform daily tasks and also study at the same time. The Disability support provided by the college assures you that the University accommodates the student's disability and medical condition and ensures that nothing comes in the way of the student attaining a degree.

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The University of Adelaide for International Students

For international students, the college provides thorough guidance through the course that the student has chosen and provides special advisory services so that the student attains clarity on the course programs they wish to pursue.

Finally, the university is respectful towards all ethnicity and backgrounds. Hence the institute keeps the safety of every student of prime most importance. There is a cell that is formed and any incidences can be reported there.

The University of Adelaide Courses

There are vast amounts of courses that are offered by the University of Adelaide. The range and variety of courses stem from every field. Be it engineering, medical, finance, social science, entrepreneurship so on and so forth. Placing some examples; If we take the case of Bachelor of Social Sciences, we understand that the course is meant to understand the social challenges and injustice that are prevalent in our society. Students are introduced to different perspectives throughout the course.

If you have a bend for entrepreneurship and also possess a streak of technology inquisitiveness, then you might very well look into the course of Bachelor of Science and that involves a student learning understanding how technology in the present world functions and how it can help develop entrepreneur streak by developing the discipline of knowledge in your chosen area of interest. Many of these courses demand timely assignments to be submitted to the college. This is where our University of Adelaide assignment help ensures that the students do not default on the timely submission of assignments. Some of the other courses that are made available are;

  • Bachelor of Accounting
  • Bachelor of Accounting and Corporate Finance
  • Bachelor of Architectural Design
  • Bachelor of Business (Global)
  • Bachelor of Business Management and Accounting
  • Bachelor of Nursing - North Terrace Campus, Teaching Hospitals
  • Bachelor of Music (Sonic Arts)

List of some Course Codes offered by University of Adelaide

036335B Bachelor of Oral Health

It helps students fulfil their wish of having a career working with people of all ages to improve their oral health and to promote an awareness of how oral and general health are closely connected.

097618G Bachelor of Peace and Conflict Studies

This is a one of a kind course that is offered by the University that is designed to cater for you with the knowledge and hone the skills needed to make impactful and positive contributions to conflict resolution and peacebuilding initiatives around the world.

002801F Bachelor of Music (Music Education and Pedagogy)

Our Bachelor of Music (Music Education and Pedagogy) offers music-oriented education courses that enable the students to build skills in their creative space and develop and learn skills based on different approaches and extend their creative abilities through practical and theoretical knowledge.

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