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Corporate Finance Assignment Help

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Online Corporate Finance Assignment Help

Add time crunch and deadlines, students often face difficulties in solving their corporate finance assignments due to all these issues.

Our tutors possess tons of experience in this field because of which they are able to provide online assistance through imparting online editing and proofreading services for corporate finance assignment solutions. Because the experts provide online assignment help, students from all parts of Australia, including Brisbane, Perth, Sydney and Melbourne, can receive and benefit from these services.

Corporate Finance Assignment

Corporate finance is the branch of finance that is concerned with raising funds, managing the capital structure of the firm, and ensuring that the value of the firm or corporation to the shareholders rises continuously. It is also concerned with the various investment decisions of the firm along with charting the optimal plan to allocate resources to various departments of the firm. All the functions and tasks of corporate finance are aimed at ensuring that the firm can reach its maximum potential value to the shareholders. The corporate manager of a firm is expected to assess the feasibility of different investment opportunities, choose between equity and debt or a combination of both as a mode for financing the investment project, and managing the distribution of profits in the form of dividends to shareholders.

How corporate finance is different from investment banking?

Corporate financing finds the right balance between risk and profits in an effort to maximize shareholder value. This pertains to decisions regarding the capital structure of the firm that is finding the optimal mix between equity and finance. In addition to this, corporate finance finds the right opportunities for the firm to invest in. By using financial analysis, corporate managers find the best investment opportunity to place the firm's assets. Lastly, the corporate managers must decide how to distribute the profits from these investment opportunities, what proportion to retain and what to distribute as dividends. It is for this reason that the field of corporate finance is often confused with investment banking and financial accounting.

Corporate Finance Assignment Topics - We cater to all!

The two sub-categories of corporate finance are capital budgeting and working capital management. The former deals with analyses of investment opportunities and the different ways to fund the projects. Working capital management focuses more on the short-term aspects of the firm such as balancing the current assets and current liabilities and managing inventories. The assignment topics for corporate finance include describing the alternative funding options available to firms, discussing the impact of various factors such as uncertainties and different costs and taxes on the funding decision, evaluating the consequences and wealth impact of takeover activities in Australia.

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Corporate finance assignments often involve case studies and financial analysis. They require a thorough understanding of the different types of funding options and their merits and demerits as well as a thorough knowledge of the working capital management aspect of corporate finance.

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