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ENGG3500 Managing Engineering Projects

Mar 13,23


The aim of this minor assessment task is to enable you to reflect on the last three weeks of this course and in particular:

1.You are to identify which team you consider were the (overall) best on the day, and explain why you assess they met the brief better than the other teams.

•You are to compare and contrast your chosen team to the three other teams.

2.For just one of the other teams who also presented on the day (where you clearly identify which other team you have chosen), you are to identify their particular Strengths & Weakness:
•With respect to the actual content of their Project Management Plan, you are to select 3 things that: (1) most impressed you (their strengths), and (2) least impressed you (their weaknesses).

•With respect to their actual method of presentation, and, in particular: their techniques, skills and effectiveness in oral-communication, you are to select 3 things that: (1) most impressed you (their strengths), and (2) least impressed you (their weaknesses).

For each of the points above, you are to:

•Write a few sentences on each point where you give sufficient detail, and/or descriptions, that fully qualifies your view. •You may use dot-points or you may use prose-form, the choice is yours.

3.You are to reflect on your own understanding of: (1) Project Management at the end of the course, and (2) Your own individual oral-presentation skills and techniques (individual skills, not team-related skills), where:

•You also identify what you might do differently next time.
•Further, you must apply some of the strength and weakness you identified for the other teams into this personal reflection.

4.You are to choose one component (eg, quality control, quality assurance, managing the supply chain, project phases, etc) from either of the following two lectures:

•Week 10 Quality and procurement management, or

•Week 11 Closing the project.

With your choice, you are to describe (exactly) how this chosen component would fit into your Team’s particular Project Management Plan; further, you MUST give Project-specific details on how this component will meet your Team’s project-requirements, as distinct from generic advice that would fit any random project.





Pharmasism Marketing Strategy


Note: The team name is not given the question, but on deep analysing it, its related with Pharmism Marketing Plan. The detailed information about it is available on website Interpretive Simulations | PharmaSim – Marketing Management Simulation


Compare and Contrast

The Group B method was to improve the Allround type with the aid of including a line extension. Based on the exceptional consciousness of Allround product and the perception that there has been a market for children’s cough fluids, Group B added Allround +. Group A had a comparable notion manner but came to a exclusive end. Although there is a drug marketplace in particular targeted at children, we could not ignore the marketplace for coughs and allergic reactions. Our lengthy-time period approach become to introduce a completely unique tablet for insomnia whilst our quick-term approach changed into to capture the cough market. Group B markets the enlargement in their line to be as compared to Coughcure. Group A selected now not to go this course due to the fact we would not have any competitors whilst we launched our precise hypersensitivity product, Allright. I think it was an excellent idea for Group B to feature a line extension and appearance back on the suit, Group A wishes it might have delivered one. However, I suppose it might be very effective to introduce a four-hour cough fluid instead of a pediatric cough medicine.

Group A and B also had specific advertising and marketing strategies. When Group B introduced the brand new line-up, the advertising and marketing price range become $ 6 million at the same time as Group A budgeted $ 15 million to launch our new product. With Group B introducing a line extension and no longer a very new product, it makes sense that the marketing price range changed into low, however, I suppose Group B might gain from increasing its marketing price range at the least for the first time. Group B also strongly emphasizes the advertising and marketing blessings of their product messages. Since their product does not have a unique advantage, I think it might be very critical to area more emphasis on comparisons. Similar to Group A, Group B struggled with income strength at the start of the simulation and benefited significantly from buying a income pressure file to compare their sales force numbers with the competition.


This deals with identification of strength and weakness of the team. Before writing the strengths and weakness, lets write its overview.

Overview(http://www.facebook.com/vvvliet, 2014)

In reading strengths and weaknesses you verify your strengths and weaknesses and try to perceive the expert possibilities available to you. Your own boundaries, issues which could avoid your progress, are also discussed. The evaluation of strengths and weaknesses can also be called personal SWOT analysis. Assessing your strengths and weaknesses will determine what is the next fine route and the way you can enhance yourself. It can even tell you greater about wherein you would like to work and the way you’ll be able to specific yourself the maximum.

Strength and Weakness Analysis is a enterprise model that analyzes strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the environment. Next, the strategy is decided based totally on this analysis. The English model uses the word SWOT usually used and includes 4 additives: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats.

Usually, the term does now not cover the that means of the term because the purpose is to formulate a future method and now not just to investigate the current situation. SWOT is on occasion prolonged to SWOTI where I constitute Problems. These memories shape an crucial part of the version as they form the link among internal and outside evaluation.

Strength and Weaknesses Analysis can be used to make decisions and to do not forget the placement, course and strategies of an organization. Strength and Weakness Analysis is also used for planning, advertising, opposition testing, organizational and product improvement, research and group constructing.

Individuals use Strength and Weakness Analysis as a device for higher self-mirrored image, for instance while preparing for a job interview or drawing a self-improvement plan (PDP). Weaknesses and Weaknesses can also be a part of a business plan.


The strengths and weakness are given below:


This part deals with the SWOT Analysis. It is given below:


I will choose Quality and Procurement

Description(What is Procurement Management?, 2021)

Procurement management is accountable for overseeing all techniques worried in procuring products, constructing materials, goods and services wished for the easy going for walks of a business. Depending at the enterprise and industry, the terms “procurement,” “buying” and “procurement” may be used interchangeably to explain the procurement and management procedure, where procurement is considered greater strategic, and procurement is used to consult it a actual paintings ethic.

Organizations in all industries rely on procurement control knowledge in searching for and coping with relationships with external suppliers to ensure that those requirements are met on the exceptional feasible cost. For these motives, deliver chain management has an instantaneous impact on the lowest line of the company and commercial enterprise approach.


Without shopping, it’d no longer be possible for most business operations to perform. Procurement control guarantees that every one goods and offerings are nicely accessed so that tasks and tactics can run easily and efficiently. In addition to enterprise demand, shopping property can be used as a aggressive advantage inside the practise of savings, time and assets. But lowering charges with the aid of fending off delays and mistakes and increasing assets is a part of the cause why supply chain control plays an crucial role within the organisation line. Procurement management can be accountable for negotiating particularly profitable production contracts with suppliers, main new tactics and gambling a key role in protecting nearby enterprise around the world. Procurement management also can play an critical role in main the organisation to social duty through range and inclusion through constantly in search of diverse carriers.


  • Proper Planning.
  • Identification and suppliers selection.
  • Order placement and Purchasement
  • .Inspecting the purchase
  • Generation of Invoice
  • Records Maintenance.

Job Titles associated with Procurement

In overseeing this method, procurement managers get hold of the fine high-quality merchandise at the lowest feasible cost from the most dependable vendors and develop accurate, long-term relationships to build favored suppliers.

In overseeing procurement approaches, procurement managers coordinate the sports of procurement dealers or consumers and ensure that the numerous departments (i.E., accounting, acceptance, performance, production) comply and are knowledgeable of procurement policies and approaches. Additional roles and / or job titles that paintings with the buying manager can also include:

  • Procurement Analyst
  • Buyer Buyer
  • Procurement Specialist
  • Purchasing agent
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Source supervisor


The above assignment was based on Pharmism Marketing Plan strategy. In this assignment it was asked to compare and contrast the teams associated with the team along with their weakness and strengths. For discussion topic on procurement management was chosen for this assignment.


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