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ACBE100 Academic Communication In Business And Economics

Mar 13,23


You are required to develop and deliver a multi-modal, persuasive presentation to senior management in your organisation to persuade them to adopt at least two recommendations to target a SDG as part of the organisation’s CSR activities, including responding to their questions in a Q&A session.

Organisation Name: Konica Minolta.

You are also required to engage with other students’ presentations by playing the role of a manager and taking notes and asking questions.

Additional requirements

  • Bring printed copies of your presentation materials (ppts, run sheet, video script etc) to the week 11 tutorials; failure to do so results in a 10% reduction in your mark for the task.
  • Bring a printed copy of your final presentation materials to your presentation (week 12/13) to give to your tutor at the beginning of the class.
  • Ensure your final materials have a similarity of less than 20% in Turnitin (not including references).



SDG as part of the organisation’s CSR activities

Student name:

Student ID:
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Slide 1: Introduction

  • Konica Minolta conglomerates various sensor data and accomplishes advanced judgment and recognition.

Speaker note

The reoriented target is to expand the business through the implementation of sustainable development goals. Optimal solutions are provided to the clients who demand innovative and modern products and warm hospitality at the same time by Konica Minolta.

Slide 2: Sustainable Development Goals

  • Reaching the predetermined success, each company of Konica Minolta must design and orient the goal sustainably.

Speaker note

Charting the goals aligning with the mission of sustainable development, the company, Konica Minolta, can expand the market and attain enhanced productivity. As a part of the adapted goal, The company’s agenda must be forming an environment conducive to the improvement in the efficiency of energy, easy availing of the reliable, affordable and modern equipped infrastructure. Sustainable goals can be achieved by implementing artificial intelligence in the organisational framework (Vinuesa et al., 2020). The future environment must be envisioned in such a way to accommodate the atmosphere of gender equity, quality education, decent health, zero hunger and no poverty. Quality education and the focus on economic growth can help take the company to a determined height.

Slide 3: CSR

  • CSR activities: Every employee of the company, Konica Minolta, must-have corporate responsibilities to perform and a few liabilities to address all the challenges on the way to product enhancement.

Speaker note

As a part of CSR activity, company, Konica Minolta, must prioritise customer support and loyalty. The client will be drawn into the organization if it has an excellent bottom line and it can render services with responsibility. Developing sustainable practices by the industrial authority it is possible to maintain CSR policies (Sachs et al., 2019). The strategies must be targeted towards adopting mind-blowing global performance that will also be diverse, eco-friendly and multicultural.

Slide 4: Recommendations

  • Reducing carbon footprint will help fulfil the company’s sustainable targets.
  • If expenditures are cut known, enhanced productivity must be achieved.

Speaker note

The recommendation will be to pinpoint the sustainable goals at first. One of my recommendations would be by 2030, the company, Konica Minolta, will reduce the carbon footprint by at least y 5%. That is why it is helpful to ensure universalising access to sustainable energy. Various projects are formulated that will address the limitations to progress and distribute the projects among the team. The motivation of the team members can be enhanced by inviting them to the meetings, workshops and question-answer sessions where they will open up with their difficulties in understanding the goals.

The policies must be lucid enough to make the employees understand the issues in executing the various plans adopted. Everyone must have a clear knowledge of responsible consumption and production that will result in sustainable development. Team members must be environmentally conscious. The goal must be such that productivity is achieved through reducing expenditure.

Slid 5: Recommendation (Contd…)

  • Developing the quality of technology might result in the enhanced quality of production and consumption
  • More responsible practices must be exercised to draw in more investments towards renewable energy.

Speaker note

The company must develop the quality of printers that renders scanning into pdf, fast printing, colour laser, high-quality copying. The latest features of cloud printing and network solutions have to be achieved very soon. The manufacturing of digital planetariums and the implementation of different technologies must be done in an environment-friendly way to avoid all sorts of hazards. As devices and hardware are installed and utilized for image sensing and AI processing, the performance must be executed cautiously and mindfully. More responsible practices should be exercised to move the business forward in a dynamic way. Encouraging reuse, use and recycling method, the company must be abstaining from using plastic bottles and containers ad have to switch to green reusable bags. Achieving sustainable goals is important to run the industrial performances (Fonseca, Domingues & Dima, 2020). The clients can be asked to reuse the bags provided by the company. A cooler or a water fountain can be used in place of a vending machine to distribute in-office plastic bottles. As the first step to success can be through a small change, every endeavour must be conducted warily. A reward system can be implemented to increase the practices of sustainable development and responsible conduct must be rewarded all the time to encourage the exercise. The investment must be made in renewable energy and that will contribute to productivity. The supply chain must be reviewed and sustainable practices are to be implemented to promote a healthy work environment.

Slid 6: Recommendation (Contd…)

  • Creating a strong economic foundation will lead to the enhanced productivity of Konica Minolta.
  • A resilient and flexible workforce is mandatory to increase the growth of the company.

Speaker note

In pursuit of sustainable development, the strong economic foundation of the company must b built. Prosperity comes through the inclusive and advanced work process and dynamic future. The model must be based on democratic vision and youth employment. Increasing the action to put more crucial elements in the CSR policies is the most effective factor (Monteiro, da Silva & Neto, 2019). The issue of forced labour, workplace harassment must be stopped and on the other hand, women’s economic empowerment is mandatory among the well-educated and decent workforce. Gender equality must be the prioritized way to implement in the work culture.

Resilient and flexible infrastructure is built up by the employees with the right knowledge and application of the skills. A mobile workforce is necessary with easy access to the components that will add to the sustainable growth of the company and will increase its profit. Negotiating difficulty in the workplace and adopting the unambiguous and transparent agenda, the goals can be achieved.

Slid 7: Recommendation (Contd…)

  • Perfect capital generation can impact the goals adopted by the company, Konica Minolta.
  • The intermingling of social and economic sustainability is a key step in fulfilling the target.

Speaker note

The pillar of Economic sustainability is formed by the efficient participation of the workforce who will maintain the perfect capital generation. The efficient utilization of resources is only possible when every employee is treated as a tangible asset. In order to increase the sustainable growth of industries, it is required more practices (Leal Filho et al., 2019). The humanitarian perspective must be applied to improve the standard of stable economic growth. It must be kept in mind that giving up economic prosperity is not just an option, sustainable development holds more value than financial development.

The quality and quantity of development matter equally and for this concern, the practice must be stronger through the support and assistance of laws. The principle identifies the economic and social development of Konica Minolta that safeguards the environment and emboldens equality. We must account for the fact that social and economic sustainability is mutually dependent.

Slide 8: Conclusion

  • Sustainable goals are the universal agreement to destruct poverty and related hazards.

Speaker note

Sustainability focuses on preserving capital by creating and investing in services that will form the solid framework of society. The sustainability of the company is generated created by the human skills to reinforce trade growth.


Slide 9: Reference list:

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