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Vancouver Referencing and Citation

Struggling with references? Use GoAssignmentHelp Vancouver Reference Generator and create your reference list quickly!

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Vancouver Referencing

Do you know what's so common in this era of digitization? You can easily find a quote on the internet and copy it. You have access to plenty of websites. You can get all the information that you want for your assignments. But here's the deal...

You never think of acknowledging the source. Even if you decide to reference, you have no idea about the format. There are so many referencing styles. There is APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard and Vancouver. You are all confused about how to create correct references.

You have got no time either. You are rushing. From one assignment to another. You simply forget to note down and organize the sources. You are all messed up! How will you do the Vancouver Citation correctly?

GoAssignmentHelp assignment help service breaks the barriers for you!

Choose Vancouver Citation Generator Tool at GoAssignmenthelp and solve all your problems. The expertise of our academic editors plus the authenticity of this tool can get you -

- correct citations and reference list 

- quickly generated reference list 

- accurate Vancouver citation format 

- completely formatted document 

- 100% plagiarism free academic paper

- better grades! 

What is Vancouver Citation?

Vancouver Citation is a referencing technique introduced by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) that uses the numeric endnote system. This citation is numbered. It is used in the field of Medicine and Science. So if you are a nursing student, you might be asked to follow the Vancouver Reference Format. You can create in-text citations and a separate reference list as per this format.

Why Referencing is a BIG-THING in academic writing?

Seeking information is a good practice but copying information is not. So how are you going to justify the ideas that you gathered by reading all the information about a topic? Well, by REFERENCING. State the source and save yourself from the diminished title of "plagiarised-writer"!

Demonstrate the depth of your reading. Yes, your list of references is a great way to represent what you have read to create that assignment. Your readers can easily locate those sources. All this puts a great impression on yours as a writer!

Safeguarding the integrity of your write-up. You need to come clean when it comes to plagiarism. Otherwise, you might have to face rejection, suspension or worse. The academic code of conduct states that one should acknowledge other people's ideas that we include in our work.

Vancouver Citation Format

Now let us understand what the Vancouver citation format is. This will help you use our Vancouver Reference Generator tool in a better way. First, we will understand some formatting criteria that one should keep in mind while using the Vancouver Citation. Then, we will have a look at some Vancouver format examples and in-text citation styles.

Quick tips on Vancouver Format

  • While mentioning the Author Name, write the initials of the first name of the author. There is no punctuation between the initials. For instance, if the Author's name is Mark Simon Jones then their name would be mentioned as Jone MS 
  • The tile need not be italicised. Just Capitalize the first letter of the title 
  • When you are mentioning the Place of Publication, you are required to mention the City + Country
  • You can abbreviate the journal titles
  • Do not use the symbol "˜&' between the names of authors 
  • Page numbers are abbreviated as "˜p.'
  • if there are more than "˜six authors' then use "˜et al in the reference list after mentioning the names of the first three authors

Formatting Criteria

General Instruction


Title Page

- Title of the Paper is restricted to 12 Words / 2 Lines. No abbreviations should be included in the Title

- Student name 

- Name of the School Affiliation 

- Name of Professor

- Course Name

- Date

It is the first page of the paper or the top of the first page


1 Inch

Around all the sides of the page

Font Type

Times New Roman

Same font for the entire paper

Font Size 


The same size for the entire paper


Running Head: Title of Paper (For the first page)

Title of the paper (For the rest of the pages)

Page number

The title is mentioned at the Left-hand side of the page, 

The page number is mentioned at the Right-hand side of the page

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Vancouver In-Text Citation With Examples

Now let us talk about the in-text citations in Vancouver Style. Even if you are planning to use the GoAssignmentHelps Vancouver Reference Generator tool, you must have an idea of how to cite sources within the text.

What is an in-text citation in Vancouver Style? As the name suggests, it is citing the source within the text. You might require in-text citation when you are mentioning a quote or ideas of some other author in your text. 

Providing the Citation-Sequence-Number. It is a number that you mention over the in-text citation. The reader uses this number to refer to the complete reference which is mentioned in the reference list. The number is static for reference. This means that whenever you are referring to reference number 1 in the text, you will write number 1 corresponding to that reference.

Representing the Vancouver In-text Citations

Inserting Numbers as Subscripts

  • ...Smith1 describes the dissertation writing process...
  • ...Amanda7-10 gave a great theory on how to make your mornings productive"¦
  • The report8(p. 45-90) on the environmental conditions of Australia mentions... 

Inserting Numbers in Parenthesis

  • ...Smith (1) describes the dissertation writing process...
  • ...Amanda (7-10) gave a great theory on how to make your mornings productive"¦
  • The report (8, p.45-50) on the environmental conditions of Australia mentions the effects of global warming.

Vancouver Citation Examples

Citation Source

Vancouver Citation Format 

Vancouver Citation Example 

How to cite a BLOG in the Vancouver referencing style?

Citation Number. Author(s). Title of the Blog post. Year Month Day of blog entry [cited Year Month Day]. In: Title of blog [Internet]. City of publication: Publisher, Year Month Day of copyright or blog. Available from: URL

1. Wright K. The Dissertation Writing Process You Must Follow. [2018 July 25]. In: GoAssignmentHelp Blog [Internet]. Melbourne: GoAssignmentHelp. Available from: https://www.goassignmenthelp.com/au/blog/dissertation-writing-process-you-must-follow/.

How to cite a Book in Vancouver referencing style?

Citation Number. Author(s). Book Title: subtitles. Edition number. Place of publication: Publisher; year. 

2. Holmes KD. The Art of Living: A 52 Week Guide. Melbourne, Australia: The Sun Herald Publishers; 2001.

How to Cite a BOOK CHAPTER in the Vancouver referencing style?

Citation Number. Author(s). Title of the book. Edition. Place of publication: Publisher; Year of publication. Chapter number: Chapter title; inclusive pagination.

3. Goldberg J. The Ethics of Nursing. Canberra, Australia: Oxbridge Publishing House; 2018. Chapter 7: The Oaths of Nursing; p.105-120.

How to cite an E-BOOK in Vancouver referencing style?

Citation Number. Author(s). Title of e-book: subtitle [format]. Place: Publisher; Date of original publication [cited year abbreviated month day]. Available from: URL.

5. Brown JJ. Evidence-Based Nursing: The Real Process [e-book]. Victoria, Australia: GreenMedia & Co.; [cited 2019 Dec 15]. Available from: https://greenmediaonlinelibrary-evidence-based-nursing-234452/

How to cite a DISSERTATION in the Vancouver referencing style?

Citation Number. Author(s). Title [Level]. Institution Name; Year Published.

4. Smith KC. How Childcare is an important aspect of nursing [Doctoral Dissertation]. RMIT; 2012.

How to cite a JOURNAL (print) in the Vancouver referencing style? 

Citation Number. Author(s). Title of Journal Article. Abbreviated Title of Journal. Date of publication; vol(issue):page number(s).

5. Brown K. Dissertation Abstract and Literature Review Writing. MJAW. 2001; 4(12):45-88.

How to cite an E-JOURNAL in the Vancouver referencing style?

Citation Number. Author(s). Title of Journal Article. Abbreviated Title of Journal [journal on the Internet]. Date of publication [Date of update/revision; date of citation]; vol(issue):page number(s)/extent. Available from:

6. Jones MA. Dissertation Abstract and Literature Review Writing. Journal of Applied Sciences [journal on the internet]. 2000 Jul 14 [cited 2019 Aug 12]; p.45-99. Available from: xyz_abc.co.au

How to cite a GOVERNMENT PUBLICATION (print) in the Vancouver referencing style?

Citation Number. Author(s). Title. City: Publisher; Year Published p. Pages Used. 

7. Holmes S. Childcare and its Role in Nursing. Melbourne: Melbourne Department of Childcare; 2010 p. 5-34.

How to cite a MAGAZINE in the Vancouver referencing style?

Citation Number. Author(s). Title of the article. Abbreviated journal-title. Publication year, month, day;volume(issue):pages.

8. Smith J. Breaking The Myths of Medical Career. Harvard Student Journal. 2019, June, 14; 11(33):p.19-40. 

How to cite a NEWSPAPER in the Vancouver referencing style?

Citation Number. Author(s). Newspaper title (edition of paper eg. Weekend edition). Date of publication "year month day: Sect. Location {Sect. = Section, Location = page number and column in brackets (col.).

9. Smith J. The Rising Times. 2019 Mar 10: Sect. Economics 8 (col. 2).

How to cite a WEBSITE in the Vancouver referencing style?

Citation Number. Author(s). Web Page Title. Available from: URL [Accessed date].

10. Smith J. Best Reasons for choosing a Medical Career. Available from: https://SmithJBlogs/reasons-for-chosing-medical-career/23bg678/ [Accessed 12 Feb 2019].

Vancouver Citation And Referencing Tool For All Type Of Work

There can be so many sources of information. Books, journals, magazines, articles, reports, newspapers, both print and electronic versions. The list is never-ending. Are you ready to devote time to create correct references as per the Vancouver style for ALL KINDS OF SOURCES? 

Don't Panic. GoAssignmentHelp's Vancouver Citation Generator is a TIME-SAVING option for you. This tool supports more than 30 source types. That means no more looking for the right format on the internet for every resource you have to cite. 

Get Correct Reference Lists. The Vancouver Reference Generator is based on the latest Vancouver formatting rules. So there is zero chance of errors in your reference list.

Get Assistance From our Editors. We keep our work doubly checked. Our team of editors manually review the references generated by our tool to ensure that everything is correct. This ensures zero cases of plagiarism in your work!

How Vancouver Citation And Referencing Generators Work At GoAssignmentHelp?

What Will We Ask? GoAssignmentHelp follows a super-simple and transparent process. To use our Vancouver reference generator tool, all you need to do is send us a few things related to the sources you have referred to. This includes-

Authors Name

Source Type

Source Title 

Source Description - Year, Volume, Issue, Location

Date of Access


When to contact us? ANYTIME! We are working 24/7. So you can connect with us whenever you want. We are happy to help you.

Who can access the Vancouver citation generator? Every student in Australia. Whether you are in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide or Perth, you can get reference lists generated in Vancouver style from us.

How much will it cost to use the Vancouver reference generator? There is no standard pricing as such. It depends on the number of references you require. But, we can assure you that you will be able to afford the price happily!

Need instant help with Vancouver referencing? Do not hesitate! Come to us and we will provide you with a correct, authentic and fully formatted Vancouver reference list in just a few hours!

Pick up the right Vancouver Reference Generator and make your career

A correctly formatted, fully-referenced academic writeup can contribute positively to your career. If you want to earn better grades and enhance the quality of your write-ups, GoAssignmentHelp's Vancouver Reference Generator is the right option for you. Connect with GoAssignmentHelp today and find help in in-text citations and reference lists.

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