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Expository Essay Examples

Free Expository Essay Examples written by qualified and expert tutors

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Expository Essay Examples

~ Get the best expository essay writing help with top-quality examples from experts ~

Best-rated expository essay examples are those that focus on the facts and are not clouded by the writer's personal views or opinions. They begin with a thesis statement that clearly states the main idea that is going to be discussed.

Ideally, each paragraph should begin with a topic sentence too. Each subsequent sentence in the paragraph should present a new aspect or idea about the topic it discusses. Smooth transitions from sentence-to-sentence and para-to-para make the essays flow better and grip readers' attention better. Top Expository Essay Examples are written by our team of expert essay writers. With the help of our onboard experts get help in selecting the correct expository essay topic.

Correct grammar and spellings go a long way in leaving a good impression on your teachers and make your readers value the knowledge or information you are sharing with them. Let us quickly see how to write expository essay examples that win appreciation from both your teachers and your peers.

Why students need expository essay examples?

In an expository essay, you need to present information and arguments clearly and to-the-point. So, it makes sense that you choose topics you either know or read a lot about or ones that you want to explore and investigate. We have already discussed the 'Types of Expository Essays'. Expository essay example topics that allow you to compare-and-contrast can two or more things can be:

Some of the Frequently Asked Expository Essay Questions

  • Life Today vs. Life 100 Years Ago: Are We Evolving?
  • Was Neoclassicism the End of Romanticism of the Renaissance Era?
  • Forward or Defender: Which is the most important position in the game of Soccer?
  • For definition essays, an abstract topic or a word with broader meaning is always better. For example:
  • What is Christianity?
  • What constitutes Fashion?
  • What do you mean by Home?

Go Assignment Help experts can help you choose an interesting topic that you can write on for your expository essay. 

Expository Essay Structure

The expository essay structure you choose for your essay depends on two things: the type of the expository essay you are writing, and its length. Our assignment help experts recommend you to use this table to choose the essay writing structure for your expository essay:

Expository Essay Structure Example

Type of Expository EssayShort (up to 800 words)Long (>800 words)
Problem & Solution EssayBlock StructureChain Structure
Cause and Effect EssayBlock StructureChain Structure
Compare and Contrast EssayBlock StructurePoint by Point Structure
Classification EssayPoint by Point StructurePoint by Point Structure

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Best Essay Examples at GoAssignmentHelp

Expository Essay Example for Middle School Students

At the ‘middle school’ level, expository essays students are asked to write are not very long. They are generally 250 to 350 words long. At this level, teachers want to assess your writing style. If you have a clear and focused writing style and have written an inviting introduction and a satisfying conclusion, you are likely to earn a good grade in your essay writing assignment.

Here is an expository essay example that was written by a GoAssignmentHelp expert for a middle school student:

Topic: Who is your role model, and why?

Sir Henry Parkes

Sir Henry Parkes played a key role in uniting the six colonies of the USA. Though he died five years before the Federation was formed, he is considered the 'Father of Federation'. The Times aptly named him 'the most commanding figure in USA politics' at the time.

Henry was born in England. As a son of a small-scale tenant farmer, he could not study in the school for long. Even though he had to do odd jobs to make ends meet, Henry never gave up on life. He self-educated, and also associated with the political movements of the times to improve the conditions of the working classes.

After losing two children at an early age, Henry immigrated to New South Wales with his wife. In the USA too, he had to struggle to earn his livelihood. Yet, he kept writing poems that got published in USA newspapers.

It almost seems miraculous that this financially-challenged man did so well in politics. He rose to prominence in 1849 when he became a spokesperson for ending the transportation of convicts from England to the USA. Next year, Henry launched a newspaper 'Empire' and campaigned for a fully representative government.

Eventually, Henry became the premier of New South Wales five times. He was knighted in 1877 for his contributions to USA politics. He was also the one to end subsidies for church schools in 1880 and provide for free, secular and compulsory education.

Henry Parkes was a true visionary. He is my role model because he proved to the world that one's financial conditions or social status are not impediments to one's success if one is determined to prove himself.

Expository Essay Examples for High School Students

At the ‘high school’ level, expository essays students are asked to write essays that are usually 600 to 800 words long. At this level, teachers expect a thorough and in-depth explanation of the topic. Here is an expository essay example for a high school student written by a GoAssignmentHelp expert:

Topic: Write a Definition Essay on Urban Legends.

Urban Legends

Most of us have heard time-old stories about gods, fairies, giants, elves, creation of the world, and the apocalypse. These ancient stories originated at the time when people did not understand how Nature works and used myths and legends to explain the mysterious phenomenon occurring around them. So, lightning became the weapon of the angry sky god Zeus while sea storms happened because of the wrath of the sea god Poseidon. Rainbow became a bridge with a pot of gold at its other end. It means that the legends sprang from the minds of primitive human beings who used imagination and creativity to make sense of various forces of nature.

As societies and Science evolved, mysteries got solved slowly and gradually. Today, an average person does not fear the natural manifestations happening around it. Though we are still afraid of the unknown, we no longer fear thunder or darkness. Hence, new myths and legends have moved away from Nature and its forces to create new fears such as aliens, ghosts, and zombies. The legends of the modern era are often connected to urban environments and reflect the deepest emotions that stir the minds and hearts of modern people.

Some of the most famous urban legends of today talk about alien abductions. Countless movies, books, documentaries, and stories explore this subject. The most credible and shocking story of alien abduction is that of Pier Zanfretta who was a police officer on patrol in Torriglia (a town in Italy). He claimed that his car stopped dead in front of a house where he saw four strange lights. He rushed to investigate the matter and felt someone touching him from behind. When he turned around, he saw a ten feet tall creature which was ugly and green. He also saw a triangular vessel taking off and felt intense heat coming from it. A patrol group found him lying on the ground an hour later. Even though it was a cold December night, his clothes were warm. After waking up, Zanfretta seemed lost for a while and could not recognize his colleagues. Zanfretta’s testimony was quite detailed, logical and non-controversial – even under hypnosis. Hence, the case is considered to be the most reliable one in modern ufology.

Urban legends about Slenderman have also become quite popular since the last decade. Slenderman is believed to be a tall and haggard man like a silhouette that stalks wooded areas. He is believed to have extremely long arms and legs and can hide in plain sight. Once he finds a victim, he haunts them everywhere and appears to be closer with each glimpse in his direction. Some legends claim that it hypnotizes its victim and make them walk right into his hand. Others claim that he wakes up his sleeping victim and asks him a question. If the question is answered correctly, he just breaks the arms and legs of the person. Otherwise, he tortures the person to death. Still, others claim that Slenderman was once a regular man who was beaten brutally, had his limbs torn out of their sockets (which explains his extra-long limbs) and was impaled to death. The legends of Slenderman are probably the creepiest urban legends we hear today.

If we look towards the East, especially Asia, we find several frightening stories that sound authentic. In Japan, there is a legend about a samurai’s wife called Kuchisake Onna. It is said that she cheated on her husband with another man, and as a punishment, her husband cut open her mouth to twice its size. It is said that her spirit still haunts the country. She approaches her victim wearing a coat and a mask and asks, “Am I pretty?” If the victim answers her ‘yes’, she takes off her mask and repeats her question. If the victim seems horrified or screams, she cuts his mouth with a knife and kills him.

The list of urban legends is quite long. The ones we have discussed above are just the ones that are most popular and scary. Alien abductions frighten us because we can never be sure if aliens exist or not, or whether their intentions are hostile or friendly. Similarly, the wraith called Slenderman or the lady Kuchisake Onna is the embodiment of our fears of the forests or crimes that persist in our society. Urban legends are likely to persist for centuries – or for as long as mankind takes to overcome all its fears.

Expository Essay Examples for College Students

Expository essays at college levels can be 800 words or longer. GoAssignmentHelp has a panel of subject and language experts who (help students write exemplary essays and assignments every time they have a submission date. Essays that students write with the help of our onboard expert essay experts have always been appreciated for their high-quality research and deep meaningful insights. Share the topic that you need help with and we will connect you to your essay expert who can help you with your every exemplary essay writing help.

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