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Professional Dissertation Editors

Seek help from our dissertation editors to review, edit, and proofread your research paper. Our online dissertation editing services in the US allow you to submit flawless dissertations or theses. All our dissertation editors hold Ph.D. degrees.

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Hire Dissertation Editors to Submit Perfect Dissertations and Get Best Grades!

GoAssignmentHelp has some of the best dissertation editors on its team to help edit students' dissertations. Our dissertation editors proofread your paper and check it for proper use of vocabulary, verbs, spellings, grammar, and punctuation. They have a thorough knowledge of the academic language as well as the subject. Hence, when they edit thesis papers of doctoral candidates, they not only help them avoid structural and grammatical errors but also follow the correct format and writing style.

We have dissertation editors who are well-versed with different academic writing and referencing styles, such as American Psychological Association (APA), Turabian or Chicago, Harvard, Modern Language Association (MLA), Oxford, Vancouver, and others. When you use our online dissertation editing services, we assign you Ph.D. degree holders in your subject who are highly skilled in editing dissertations and spotting subject-related errors too.

Qualifications of GoAssignmentHelp Dissertation Editors

Our dissertation editors have at least a Bachelor's degree in English or have completed a certified program in academic writing. They also have a Ph.D. degree or equivalent qualification in their respective disciplines. They also have first-hand research experience which allows them to know what a dissertation should look like.

All our dissertation editors have strong editing skills and years of assignment writing and teaching experience. They can help you achieve high scores by polishing your research paper and making sure that it meets all the required criteria.

You can hire local or global dissertation editors on our site. Contact us now!

What things do you check while editing a dissertation?

When you order dissertation editing services from us, our experts:

  • Review your work as a whole: We check how well your dissertation matches your dissertation outline. We also check if you have presented arguments clearly enough to respond well to the problem statement or research question. We make sure that your content matches your dissertation topic. If it doesn't, we can tweak it to be more appropriate. We also make sure that keywords and concepts are defined clearly to remove any ambiguity.
  • Review each section: Our dissertation editors check the dissertation structure and topics to confirm that they are logical and well-organized. They also make sure that you have provided appropriate references for each topic. When we edit a section of a thesis or a research paper, we check its title as well as all the points and details it includes.

We make sure that the content is relevant to the section. Sometimes, we cut the parts that are peripheral to the discussion, already mentioned elsewhere or are better placed in other sections. Our dissertation editors also edit the section if it is too long or does not analyze the points enough. With their assistance, your readers will clearly understand why a point is included, how it helps with a resolution of the given problem, and what questions it answers.

  • Review each paragraph: Our dissertation editors check the relevance, purpose, and timing of each paragraph. They also make sure that each paragraph has a topic sentence followed by sufficient supporting details.

When they edit your dissertation or thesis paper, they have to cut out what is non-essential or repeat information already stated elsewhere in the dissertation. It can be hard for students sometimes but our online dissertation editing service experts can do this job for you.

While editing paragraphs, we make sure that each paragraph starts and ends with appropriate transition statements like 'Furthermore', 'However', etc. We make sure that each paraph contains only one central idea, an explanation or development of the key point, a quote or direct or indirect reference to your reading to support the point, an example to strengthen it, and a hint at how it needs to be addressed.

  • Review each sentence: Our dissertation editors check each sentence to ensure that it is clear, precise, and easy to understand. They remove the long sentences that are vague or seem one-sided. While editing a dissertation paper, they either make a sentence shorter by cutting unnecessary words or breaking it up into two short sentences for better clarity.

Some dissertation papers have too many passive constructions which makes it hard for the dissertation editors to understand. If you have such a dissertation, our dissertation editors can also edit your dissertation paper to cut out the passive constructions. They ensure that each sentence has a subject and verb. Some students ignore this rule by placing words like 'there is' or 'it is' at the beginning of sentences but dissertation editors can re-phrase them better.

When you write a dissertation, it's easy to make simple mistakes. We make carefully review your spelling, punctuation, and grammar. We make sure that all quotations are written with appropriate quotation marks, the dissertation does not have any homophone errors, and that your apostrophes are in the right place.

We make sure that you follow the academic writing guidelines you need to follow and terminology that you use is correct and consistent throughout the paper.

Our Best Experts

Why GoAssignmentHelp dissertation editors are the best?

Since our dissertation editors are subject experts too, they can help you with dissertation revisions. They can help you plan the changes by reading your dissertation carefully, highlighting the passages where you need to make changes, and helping you edit and revise your research paper or thesis in such a way that your arguments work as a whole and become clearer to readers.

Along with dissertation editing and proofreading, they can also send you a roadmap or guideline to show how it's done. They record the changes they make in a table where:

  • Column 1 shows where they have made the changes.
  • Column 2 shows the issue they found or changes recommended by your professor.
  • Column 3 shows how they have improved the passage or corrected the error or resolved the issue.
  • Column 4 shows whether it was a major or a minor revision.

With the assistance of our dissertation editors, you can polish your paper into perfect shape in minimal time and without much stress. If you ask us to edit a dissertation, we keep a record of the changes we make for you. Our summary and explanations can help you draft a report or a cover letter if you ask for our help with making dissertation revisions.

Sometimes, you or our experts may disagree with the examiners' suggestions. In such a case, we can help you find a detailed but polite argument to justify your take in the dissertation. Or if you think they have misunderstood your argument, we can help you clarify the statements to communicate your ideas and opinions further.

Order our dissertation editing services online to tune up the quality of your research paper!

How do your dissertation editors edit dissertation papers?

We, dissertation editors, are professionals in all academic disciplines, so they can help you with dissertation editing for any dissertation topic. The only thing we need is access to your dissertation report or thesis. Our dissertation editors follow a well-defined process of dissertation proofreading and review that includes the following steps:

  • They get your dissertation report or thesis.
  • Read it carefully and highlight the passages that need changing or editing.
  • Write dissertation feedback with suggested changes under each highlighted section.
  • Include their comments, notes, and suggestions in the dissertation feedback to explain why they have made particular changes and how they have improved on the original text.

Our dissertation editors will also take into account your dissertation requirements and preferences while making suggestions for dissertation revision. With their dissertation editing guidance, you can become confident of submitting a well-researched and error-free dissertation.

Frequently asked questions?

We have dissertation editors working in 4-hour shifts so you will not have to wait too long to get your dissertation revised or edited. You can hire dissertation editors as per the size of your dissertation and other requirements. If your dissertation or thesis is on an interdisciplinary, cross-disciplinary, or multidisciplinary dissertation topic, we can assign you more than one expert to edit and review it. Our dissertation editing team consists of Ph.D. degree holders who are academic experts with years of dissertation editing, dissertation proofreading, and dissertation writing experience.
The prices for a dissertation proofreading or dissertation editing leads depend on the paper size and complexity. We will send you a detailed price quote within minutes that will carry the breakup of the cost we charge you. We have a dissertation editing discount policy too! For every dissertation order you place with us, you get a dissertation discount of 10% to 20%.
We can edit dissertation, dissertation proposal, dissertation methodology, discussion and conclusion chapter(s), abstract, results and findings chapter(s), references or bibliography, appendices (if any), and a whole research paper. We provide a range of methods for making dissertation revisions, from comprehensive dissertation editing to identifying and correcting simple mistakes. We recommend dissertation editing services only when you need a revision or review of your work. If you want us to edit and proofread your dissertation for grammar errors, formatting issues, and citation blunders, we recommend that you choose our proofreading service instead.
If you want to submit a mistake-free and error-free dissertation, we recommend that you check your work for basic grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes before submitting it to the reviewers. If you want to get your writing reviewed by Ph.D. experts who can check how well-researched and organized your dissertation is, we recommend that you hire an academic editor to edit and review your paper.
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